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I think ESPN should stop referring to Miami as Miami (Fl). Nobody cares about Miami of Ohio. We should, by default, assume Miami means Miami, FL; we should be told explicitly when a media article refers to the other Miami. I don't know why this bugs me, but it really does. I mean, I should start a town called Dallas in NC so the media will be forced to start referencing Dallas as Dallas (TX).

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i just snorted out loud when i realized i had named a folder "UsersTool;" i typo-ed when i was trying to get to that directory and instead typed "cd UserStool".


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Pictures from our new digs in Lil' Italy:

me and max

View outside my window:

co-workers damien and max:

Little Mexican shacks next to skyscrapers: money.

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On one hand, I feel like I've been in SD forever. But it's really only been 3 weeks. Wow.

. . .

Where does all the time go? Seriously, the weekdays fly by so fast now ... the weekends are equally hard to track down

. . .

Pam the receptionist from The Office is my ideal woman. If you've ever said to somebody you know, "You're JUST like Pam from that TV show, the Office", shoot them MY way (bwahah)

Speaking of The Office, I watched the original BBC version of The Office a long time ago and I have to say I prefer the American version. But they're really not the same show: The Beeb version was much more comedy-driven, while the American version has a bit more (subtle) drama associated with it - it has that formulaic "girl and guy who everyone knows is perfect for each other but refuse to admit to each other" that worked so well for Friends...

. . .

I didn't watch the "Big Game" because I frankly could not stand either the Colts or the Bears winning. I'm not sure why I have such animosity towards Peyton Manning, because I really have no reason to.

. . .

Why do websites that have "Security Questions" always have questions that I don't know the answers to? I just logged into Facebook and it gave me this prompt:

The problem is my Mom spells her maiden name in two ways, and I always mix up the two when I answer that question (as I've found out), so I try to avoid that. Besides that one, I could probably only answer "Who was my first kiss" question, which is *actually* a bit ambiguous because I forget the name of the kindergarten girl who kissed me... (I was in K too at the time, you pervs)

Is it too much to allow users to input their own security question?

. . .

Yes, NC State beat Carolina. Good for you, bert.

. . .

I went with Tim to a local casino to play in my first (live) poker tournament here in Cali. It had the most ridiculous blind structure EVER (even worse than Hold 'Em for Hunger).

We started with 3,000 chips at 25/50 blinds (not bad). The blinds were raised every 15 minutes, and they went like this:

  • Level 1: 25/50
  • Level 2: 50/100
  • Level 3: 100/200
  • Level 4: 200/400
  • Level 5: 500/1000
  • Level 6: 1000/2000
  • Level 7: 2000/4000

The first few levels were fine, but in 3 levels we went up from 200/400 to 2000/4000. Wow.

I mean, it was hard to find ANYBODY with more than 5xBB at level 7. Needless to say, I busted out in the seventh level after playing a hand questionably (ducks in mid-position against a forced all-in with players left to act behind me) and getting crippled.

But I had fun. So I'll probably be back there.

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How does one get sick from 60-degree weather? Blarrggghhh....

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One thing that SUCKS about my workplace is that NOBODY cares about college basketball. NOBODY!!!! What am I supposed to do???

If you remember the first Jordan XXI commercial, it was a work of brilliance. It had high school kids recreating Jordan's defining shots ... actually, somebody on YouTube was nice enough to show the commercial and the actual shots side by side:

Well, the geniuses behind Jordan XX2 have come out with an equally awesome commercial. The feel of it, the music, the emotions, the drama, the commercial... perfect. It's so well choreographed (doesn't it *feel* like an opera?) and the mood for it is absolutely PERFECT. You've GOT to watch it - it's hilarious. Anytime a commercial features Mozart's Requiem ... come ON. How can you go WRONG?

To watch it (since there's no YouTube vid of it yet, go to here

You won't regret it.

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Yay, the first post in San Diego that is the result of tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep (although I'm physically exhausted).

One thing that really sucks about living on the West Coast is that it's impossible to find people to talk to late at night. All my friends live on the East Coast, so by the time I usually get home and settle down (8 or 9PM Pacific), it's usually too late to talk.

It's sad how much my work has consumed my life - is there nothing more to life than work? I know this is what I wanted, and I guess I'm going through one of those moments of regret ...

I remember one of the huge benefits of working remotely was that I didn't get caught up in the day-to-day distractions that real-life interaction has - it's far easier to distract others, and thus it's far easier to be distracted. It doesn't really help that I'm just getting overloaded with work from every angle.

I've really hit a situation where I can't vent about work-related situations. There is literally nobody. How sad is that? I've been on this earth 23 years, and I can't find somebody to vent to (who is awake so late ;D). I think the honeymoon period of working from the office is quickly fading. I feel under-appreciated, over-worked, and frankly, getting a little short-tempered with certain people and situations (Hey, Roy, welcome to the REAL world! This is what everybody else deals with! Good for YOU!).

I think I come off as an asshole a lot of the times (I'm beginning to think most of my coworkers think I'm an asshole), but I think it's because when it comes to work, I'm a pretty no-nonsense type of guy. I like to get things done, the right way possible. I hold the work of others to a high standard, but I try to hold myself to a higher standard. If I think something sucks, I'm not going to sugarcoat it. If I think somebody is doing something wrong, I'll be bugged by it and probably keep pushing until I get pushed back.

Anyways, I don't know why a particular situation at work has been irking me all night, but it has. I think I really need to find something more meaningful in life besides work to focus on.

Right now, my neighbors above me are playing music REALLY loudly. Do I want to be that guy who tells them to turn it down? I'm feeling pretty cranky right now, so I think ... yes.

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The following errors have occurred.
(13) The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive.

So which is it? Do I have an invalid ID, password, or is the account inactive?

Bad error messages are the suck. There's no reason the system shouldn't know which of these three cases is the reason for failing.

Followup: The context of this error is I'm attempting to connect to authorize.net's gateway to process some credit card transactions (unfortunately I'm stuck doing these boring, menial webmaster-esque tasks every once in a while). Obviously, I didn't want to run through an actual credit card transaction, so I was using (what I thought) was their test gateway which would work with *my* user credentials (https://test.authorize.net). However, what I'm supposed to do is use their real gateway (https://secure.authorize.net) and send in a stringified boolean x_test_request. So that error message was actually telling me: "Hey, the API login you're using is actually a "live" account ID (as opposed to a "test" account ID), so please use https://secure.authorize.net. Unless you have a test account, in which case you've input the wrong login id, the wrong password, or your test account is inactive.




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Today I send this valentine out into the cybervoid to my one true love: who, you may ask?? click to find out!!!!!

(yes, this is the third straight year i've pimped my little automated valentine's day maker. i'm really milking the two hours i spent on this as long as possible)

(you can change the url to make it say whatever you want, so free to make your own valentine from me, cause i love ALL of you...)

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An article about using Web 2.0 to help get laid has this interesting quote:

And, in a world where the continuous stream of daily documentation has become as unstoppable as Detroit Pistons power forward Rasheed Wallace when he's fired up for a game, online exhibitionism has become not only accepted but expected.

Basketball and Web 2.0 ... I didn't know there was such an overlap! ;)

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Wow, what an awesome idea ... Lego fruit snacks! Let's teach kids that Legos are YUMMY! That's a GREAT association for little kids!

What were they thinking???

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I'm sure you know already, but I have zero game when it comes to girls. Zip. Nada. So you should be as surprised as me that I got a girls' digits tonight. Yes! Me! I got a girl's digits!!!!!!!!!!!! First time ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course... this happened moments after she rammed her car into mine but it still counts! I got her digits!


Sad fact #1: My car made it two months without getting screwed up
Sad fact #2: I actually thought to myself, "Wow I have something to write about in my Tabulas!" as I took the bus back after dropping off my car...

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I'll keep this short, but yesterday was a wake-up call of sorts for me to stop going through the motions of work/life and start getting stuff done. the second spark for me was picking up a copy of founders at work, a book which is a bunch of interviews with tons of successful startup founders. getting that behind-the-scenes look has inspired me to try get back to that stage when i was an enterprising young lad... the biggest things i need to get over are my fear of change and failure (i have to be afraid of breaking the existing product and running everybody away). i also need to recommit myself to not being so averse towards perseverance ... i've been looking too much for that "instant" payoff, and that's not going to fly if i want to be successful

if you've got a few bucks, check out the book. it's pretty durn good.

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I left my lunch box unattended for a few moments at work, and this is what happened:

The maturity of MindTouch, embodied...

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My coworker lamented his stock market losses yesterday - I had no idea how bad the damage was until I logged into Fidelity and noticed that my losses on my stocks (FXI, FECAX, IWM, QQQQ, and SPY) ranged from -4% to -10%.

What's fascinating about this is that apparently there was a technology glitch at 3pm - the bearish sentiment was flooding the market with sell orders, which caused the Dow Jones to hiccup and drop about 250 points immediately.

I'm curious to find out the result of that technology glitch - did it trigger any margin calls? Did it cause sentiment to swing one way ("A glitch, let's buy" or "Oh god, this is the worst day ever, let me just sell everything!"). The meltdown of the sub-prime lenders (NFI) and the weakness of the Chinese markets contributed to yesterday's losses, but did the actual glitch affect the markets, too?

Looks like the market is rebounding today, so I guess there's nothing to worry about in terms of market strength.

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