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Just cause this is the type of important thing I like to post in this "personal" journal: I'd like to inform the world that I actually woke up at 730am today (WOW) to go work-out at 8am (DOUBLE WOW). (I have never done any type of formal work-out routine).

See how impressive and responsible that sounds? (And a little manly?) Let me dash that with what really happened.

I skipped across the street in my cute lululemon clothes (yeah, they make men's clothes) on my way to a Pilates lesson.

Yeah, that's right.

The first class was free, and interesting enough (e.g. I got my ass kicked) that I signed up for five more private lessons (I'll switch to the much wallet-friendlier duet classes once I feel a little less embarassed about my inability to do some of the basic exercises).

. . .

I'm sure the sentiment is shared by many:

Jennifer: im hoping one day
Jennifer: you'll be like
Jennifer: FOOLED YOU
Jennifer: i dont take dance classes!
Jennifer: i don't take pilates!!!!
Jennifer: i dont take horseback riding!!
Roy: actually i never did those classes but thanks for reminding me
Jennifer: i dont wear tight pants from lululemon
Jennifer: i watch sports and drink beer!!

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They do capture why Americans LOVE soccer...

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This is the funniest interview ever. Hedo is my new favorite basketball player:

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Chad Ochocinco is my new favorite football player (I'm not even joking):

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