Ugh. Still working on Tabulas. Wanted to hack together something for AudioMatch, but that'll have to wait while I finish some urgent stuff up.

In any case, I'm starting to think about long-term XML syndication formats for Tabulas. I mentioned Tabulets a long time ago, and all Tabulas entries are being stored in a temporary XML format right now (it's being stored on a separate server so if (god forbid) anything happens to the Tabulas database server, I'll still have all the Tabulas entries in XML format.

However, the solution was never conceived to be a long-term solution; it's really a short-term solution.

So I'm thinking that every month Tabulas will go through and syndicate all content in the new Atom format. Atom (I believe) was always intended to be more of a content delivery system than RSS ... so it would be ideal. Every month would have a separate Atom feed. Since Borst might have some time this semester, he might be able to use prebuilt Atom parser feeds for C# to build a stand-alone program to handle Tabulas entries (that would be uberhot).

This may test the limits of the server (I wrote a lot of entries per month, and to edit one XML feed for that one month ... maybe a bit severe). I may try weekly feeds instead of monthly feeds to help alleviate the stress load.

Not sure, but it's gonna involve cron (gah). Right now I'm writing the XML format to store hit logging report data. Once I get the XML format done, I'll get the writing script done and then I'll have to write the retrieval/outputting on the Tabulas server.

Lots of fun stuff coming up. Also been hacking together a XML format to store tokki files.
Posted by roy on January 11, 2004 at 09:27 PM in Web Development | Add a comment

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