Sorry if this post is a little ... light. I had a horrible heat exhaustion episode today - didn't drink enough water before biking. I was passed out in Lenoir for about 10 minutes while I tried to recover. This happened once before with Fer ... it really sucks. I was pretty disoriented and couldn't think very straight at dinner ... still feeling a little disoriented.

In any case, the RIAA settled with college students accused of violating the DMCA. These kids are paying thousands of dollars each year to the RIAA until 2006.

Bullshit. These kids built spidering programs that spidered the network and made it easier to find files; they didn't facilitate nor did they condone the transfer of MP3s.

It's really scary how much power corporations have - the Bush administration needs to really push for reform of a lot of these laws. But then again, the Bush administration is not really capable of pulling off even decent domestic policy. F'ing tards.

There was also news a few days ago that the Treasury Department needs their spending limit raised to some ridiculous amount in order to avoid defaulting on interest payments on their T-bills.

Whatever administration comes next needs to forget about politics and tighten America's financial belt. The excessive spending by Dubya is not necessary - we need to cut back on military spending. As much as it's useful to have a military that can kick anyone's ass in a period of a few months, we cannot afford it. We are the world's superpower, but that does not imply that we are omniscient.

I have a slightly conservative leaning, so this is also where I argue that we need to either reform Social Security or get rid of it. Put the burden of planning for the future on the individual or on corporations.

Also get rid of f'ing tax breaks for corporations. Their endless drive for ultimate profitiability as well as their little loopholes for getting out of taxes is ridiculous. But it's not entirely their fault - the tax code system for America needs to be resimplified.

I guess as an analogy, we're building more and more stuff on top of a system that I believe is fundamentally weak (due to its complexity). If we could revamp the tax system to be more efficient, it'd do wonders.

Whoever the next President is... please fix our nation. It's br0ke.
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