Man, scripting is a lot of work. You never think a project is going to require a lot of time until you get the beta rolled out - then you realize how much work is involved in fixing your damn site so it doesn't suck ass. But I've gotten better at modulating my code; everything that I've done for this new project can be copied/pasted into a new site (modifying a few lines of code) so I never have to rewrite the user reg/user log-in portions of sites again. W00t!

I've taken a little time away from Tabulas to work on another site (related to Audiomatch) to learn how to properly write a script from scratch that works nice. Plus I spent the time learning proper valid CSS/XHTML (you'll notice standards compliancy on most my sites is horrendous) ... I rolled out a premature copy of my latest project, but I think I'm going to work on it a lot more today ... oigh. More work for me :)

I've been learning a lot of new stuff about XHTML/CSS/PHP that I'll be incorporating into this site; every day I learn more about the inefficiencies and shortcomings of the method in which I do things here (did you know the styling HTML generator (css-> intermediate format --> display with dropdowns) is actually something like O(n^4) or something? hahahahaa. Ridiculous.

Hopefully within the upcoming weeks I'll also be able to knock out the next portion of audiomatch; I realized this past week that audiomatch had been buggering up big time ... I had set a key column value in mySQL to MEDIUMINT UNSIGNED (which covers autoincrementing column values of 0 to 8388607*2 (too lazy to do the math) ... and audiomatch had reached that limit and was simply using the last stored value ... boo. So I upped all the column values to INT (covers 0 to 4294967296) which begs the question: what happens when I reach *that* limit? I think at this point I'm going to start recycling the databases at around 3 months ... keep them stored in archives. Or something.

Edit: If I was not so retarded, I would of read that mySQL has the 'bigint' column type which covers 9223372036854775807*2. Yeah, that should be enough.

Now here's a story for you non-computer dorks ...

This past Saturday, Tony, Alex, and Sung all decided to go biking ... on the trails. Of course, I went along ... we went to the trails that I usually bike on.

Too bad 5 minutes into the trail, Alex flipped on the hardest downhill on the trail ... had to sit him down for a bit then Sung and Tony walked him out.

10 minutes later, Tony ran his knee into a tree.

Well that was the end of *that* excusion ... bad luck comes in twos, I guess.

There is a great article written by a former policy advisor for Helmut Kohl based on how Germany blundered the Iraq ordeal. It hits the argument right on the nose and is quite insightful on many levels. Go give it a read.
Posted by roy on May 27, 2003 at 08:14 AM in Web Development | 1 Comments

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Comment posted on May 27th, 2003 at 09:45 AM
wow you are a busy man, all the best on audiomatch, (btw just curious, still implementing it into tabulas?) no pressure intended.

anyways, i didnt understand 3/4 of your entry as its computer talk and im not that litterate in it haha...

and damn, flipped? and the knee? damn that must have hurt, you're lucky it wasnt you eh hehe...