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A beautiful time-lapse video: 

America's Finest Timelapse from XOXO Wedding Studio on Vimeo.

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I've been sketching out ideas of what a new editor interface would look like. The editor is, by far, the most important interface for any users of Tabulas - getting this right will set the tone. 

Today's task was getting a good baseline for a WYSIWYG experience. Here's the first version. Some things to note:

  • Custom fonts will play a heavy role in the update - I find myself writing more when I see nice text. 
  • Eliminated double scrollbars - the editor expands to the height of the content
  • Since the content expands, the toolbar will follow you wherever you go
  • Many options in the toolbar have been eliminated. Styling in the new Tabulas for individual entries will only be done in HTML mode (i.e. advanced users). I've never been a big fan of letting users style their own posts - the template designers should have done a decent job of defining some defaults. 

Let me know what you think!

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Here's a list of open questions I will answer by diving into Tabulas data soon:

  • Do people actually use different usericons for posts? (If not, there goes one more dropdown)
  • Do people use the "favorite" entry feature? (If not, there goes one more option)
  • Do people use the "Currently ..." & mood metadata? (If not, then make it an "extra" option that must be enabled - off by default)

Some updates to the current work-in-progress editor: http://roykim.net/projects/tabulas/cp/

I'm still having issues with the autoresize feature trigger - I added a timer, but I may have to do some more diving into why this isn't working correctly. (Work mostly in Chrome, but Safari seems buggier). For now, I've set a timer on the function call, which seems to work in 90% of cases...

Autosave has been added. I'm actually leaning towards autosaving new entries into drafts as well - I think this will actually be helpful in drafting more long-form items. I need to flowchart how autosaving will work (with drafts), but for now, any changes to the body of the entry will trigger a network autosave (the data is stored on the server). if the connection is lost, it will autosave locally to your browser (if you have a modern browser). This should protect your entries in most scenarios (only case are browser crashes, but there's not much I can do). Autosave is triggered every 30 seconds. 

Publish and save buttons created and styled (but currently they don't work). I'm leaning towards making the buttons flush along the top instead of flush with the entry. 

I've added the video plug-in for TinyMCE, but I plan on rewriting almost all their plug-ins against specific use cases: for the video plugin, embedding Vimeo, YouTube, or FB videos. 

Next up? I'm going to heavily play with images - they are such a critical aspect for Tabulas' success that I need to make embedding them into entries easier. If this is successful, I am certain I can remove a ton of complexity from the gallery code. 

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Insanely good. 

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California Tries to Guide the Way on Health Law:

The exchange itself has so far been financed by three grants, worth $237 million, from the federal government. Most of the money is committed to consultants, including Accenture, which has a $327 million contract to build and support the initial operation of the enrollment portal.

That is roughly $10/person in all of California. And this is just for the initial operation. 

That is ridiculous. 

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amazing how a small injury manages to cascade itself when you work out into other injuries. 

man, i'll never regret those days when i'm feeling 100%. 

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"The only way to a woman's heart is along the path of torment." - Marquis de Sade


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this still is one of my top 5 songs. 

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Sitting in a hotel room in Brussels right now. Drove back from a wedding in southern Belgium earlier today. 

Gotta say, this one hit me kinda hard. Enough to the point I ended up leaving the reception early-ish (like 130am - the party went on until 5am) to go for a drive to clear my head. 

Not sure what it was about this wedding... but could be that I had to really examine my friendship with the groom (I gave a toast during the wedding), or maybe that I'm getting to that age, or the fact that nearly everybody else there was in a couple (think there was one single girl in the party of ~80), or maybe it was the fact that I was in a completely different culture (the Belgians are a curious lot). 

I'm not sure what it was, but I definitely feel like something inside me's changed. I'm starting to feel the need for a rather big life change...

Puede ser...

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