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Hey, look... another obsession.

I've been taking Pilates for a few months now, and have been extremely satisfied with how my mind and body have felt. Pilates is great because it's really emphasized stretching and good posture, as well as building core strength. I've felt a lot of toning going on... it's probably why my body's been able to work so many hours lately.

I decided to take things up to the next level: I got another personal trainer (a guy who used to used to train military people) who's gonna start working with me on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (I'm doing Pilates on Tuesday/Thursday). I've signed him up for six weeks... which means for the next six weeks, I'll be working out every morning at 8am before work.

The trainer had me work on foam rollers today - holy crap that stuff is amazing. The basic idea of the foam rollers is to basically use your own body to give yourself a "massage" - it flattens your thighs and your back muscles. But it is incredibly painful - three people warned me this morning that "he'll kill you" - and I nearly cried out in pain once the trainer started applying pressure.

But amazingly, it worked. I felt a much better workout occur afterwards, cause it unlocked my muscles prior to the workout.

This will be a pricey six weeks... but let's see where it goes. The goal of the six week program is for the trainer to teach me how to work out correctly so I can take it on my own (which is my goal). I've tried working out by myself, but it wasn't as effective. It's amazing how the minor corrections from a trainer can make the biggest difference.

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Pete hit me up at work today and told me that when his wife was searching the Intarwebs for "funny christmas card" ideas, she ran across this:


Now to ditch all my hanger-on friends...

... but seriously - the link to the image points to a site that sells Christmas cards. That means, there's an offchance that they are selling my photo in a Christmas card. TIME TO SUE THEIR ASSES!

. . .

My body is slowly getting used to the training. Of course, I'm about to quit training for four days, so I'm sure I'll be mush next week...

The hardest thing, I'm finding, is dieting correctly. I don't think I'm taking in enough calories... I never thought I'd have to eat more when I was working out...

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"just remember... everything will be ok in the end. if it's not ok, it's not the end." - unknown

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