Does this story sound familiar? Via TechCrunch:

Blogging platform JournalSpace has ceased to be, following a wipe-out of the main database for which there was no back-up in place.


JournalSpace had apparently been around for 6 years, and will now be releasing its source code to the open source community, and possibly sell off the domain name and trademarks.

By all indications JournalSpace was smaller than Tabulas, but that still doesn't dimish the blow for the loyal users who stuck with a smaller service. My heart goes out especially to the owners - losing a six-year labor of love has to be rough. Even though Tabulas is much smaller now than it used to be (and there are suitable alternatives out there), I know if I lost Tabulas through something like a database wipe-out, I'd be devastated. I mean, Tabulas has existed for 20% of my life (it's sixth birthday is coming up this year).

Anyways, my heart goes out to the JournalSpace guys.

(By the way: Tabulas runs monthly database back-ups to S3, so I'm somewhat shielded against catastrophic database losses. I also offer each Tabulas account - free or patron - the ability to backup. Take advantage of it.).

. . .

This is a bit late, but my picks for the week 1 of NFL playoffs: Cardinals, Colts (sorry SD fans), Ravens, and Eagles.

Posted by roy on January 3, 2009 at 01:58 PM in Ramblings, Tabulas | 1 Comments

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Comment posted on February 17th, 2009 at 10:09 PM
Hi Roy,
6 Years. Right. I saw the first post that I made on March 2003 after you had asked to check Tabulas for Bugs back in neopages forum. It has been a wonderful journey and I can't think of Tabulas closing down for whatever reason.