When I was younger, I had a total "me against the world" attitude. I used to think the most admirable thing to do was to do something by yourself - the lone programmer creating a beautiful application. I've always been a lone wolf by nature, so this appealed to me.

I can safely say my feelings on this have changed greatly. I now think the most admirable position is one where you're able to amplify your ideas and execute through a large group to be much harder (and rarer). Vision guides both type of people - but the lone wolf has the lesser burden of not having to communicate and coordinate. To succeed with a team, you need to be able to share the vision with others and inspire them to work. And if the team isn't as technically capable as yourself, then you need to teach (or work around) ... how much more noble is it to raise the people around you instead of just yourself?

That's not to say that design by consensus is the best solution - I am still a huge proponent of one voice speaking (I have some issues with the whole notion of "Wisdom of Crowds" - I believe big crowds tend to make the safe, mediocre choice, rather than the risky bet with the vision) ... but I definitely think that people out there, who think they can make it big by themselves, take another look.

I know this mentality is what sunk me with Tabulas & Audiomatch. I'm beginning to see now how beneficial it would have been if I hadn't taken things so lightly and for granted.

Posted by roy on October 7, 2008 at 10:02 PM in Ramblings, Web Development | Add a comment

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