Interesting discussions at the Chapel Hill Blogger's Meetup:

  • More gripes about the inability of developers to develop a *good* web-based calendaring system - Airset seems pretty good, but "beta" products like 30boxes seem far too unpolished and incomplete. Maybe if hula project gets more close to being done, someone can write a good web-based application on top of it? (AFAIK, this is already being done). The problem with these calendaring sites is that they require so many features - people will not use it unless the first version they see can import/export between all the different calendar formats. And you have to have a beautiful interface to boot. Hard, hard stuff.
  • The inability for people to deal with the general overflow of online accounts - people tend to be fragmented across many different blogsites - Livejournal, Xanga, Tabulas:), Blogger... how in the world do you keep in track with all of them? I ran into this problem months ago and had a brainstorm and came up with the Amplifly concept - a site which would serve as a pseudo-blogging site; all it would let you do is generate a RSS feed of entries (with category support), but the cool thing about it would be that it would let you crosspost to as many different sites at once, and Amplifly would keep track of all your sites in that one location. Combine Amplifly (pushing out your posts from one location) with a RSS aggregator (read all your friends' accounts across the different sites in one location) and cocomment (keep track of all the comments in one location) and you really've solved a huge problem.
  • Random thoughts about Facebook: Why is it that when girls list their marital status as "married to ___ (girl friend)" it's cute, but when guys do it to one another, it's weird?
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Comment posted on February 10th, 2006 at 07:55 PM
dude, i told you months ago to list me as your bf. it's not weird... just gay.