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Posted by roy on October 1, 2004 at 01:39 AM in Poker | 2 Comments

And this is why I did not watch the debates.

WSJ reporter confirms authenticity of private email about being in Iraq. Very damaging to the arguments that Iraq is "getting better."

Let me get a few things off my chest:

  • The fact that Bush is a "devout Christian" has no bearing on whether he should be President. I'm getting tired of all this talk about religion.
  • Likewise, Kerry constantly reminding us he was in Vietnam also has no bearing on these elections.
  • I took a quick skim over the transcripts, and it look like the whole debate was pretty much ripped from previous speeches both candidates made (as well as stuff on their websites????)
  • Flipping through TV, they showed a few clips of the debates. Was Bush repeating himself throughout the whole thing? My goodness.
  • The fact that Bush is not a good public speaker should have not be any indication towards his abilities as el Presidente. We've had tons of presidents who have not been very publicly suave, but have done just fine.
  • They need to make me President. I would be awesome.
Posted by roy on October 1, 2004 at 01:52 PM in Ramblings | 19 Comments

I was driving today and saw a truck with a vanity plate, "ILEGAL."

Sometimes you don't expect small things to make you think for so long, but for no apparent reason, my brain decided to try to analyze the meaning of this licensce plate. What was this person trying to say?

Was it a young girl who was often mistaken for being younger than she was? Was she trying to make a statement that she 'was legal?' (On another note, my friends and I got a huge kick out of visiting ageofconsent.com)

Or maybe this was someone involved in the legal industry (although I doubt it, because the truck had nice rims and a booming stereo system, and somehow I don't associate those involved in the law field with rimmed-out trucks with a deafening audio system, but I may just be discriminating here.

The most "obvious" (on the surface, at least) answer was that this was a simple typo of the world 'illegal.' But I don't understand. What is illegal? Is the truck illegal? Is the person illegal? And what does it mean if a person is illegal? Is it a border-jumper who decided to stick it to the "man" by daring the INS to pull his truck over and make sure he has his citizenship (or at least a green card?).

I'm so confused.

. . .

Oh my goodness. Patent law getting out of hand ... Kodak won a patent infringement case against Sun. Read the article to see what the "patent" was about.

Posted by roy on October 3, 2004 at 05:44 PM in Foolishness | 4 Comments

I've had to consistently state that I am a fan of the neocons foreign policy. I've been specifically supportive of Bush's policy towards North Korea.

I was catching up on my daily reading, when I saw an interesting link to an article saying that North Korea had trained up to 600 professional crackers for cyberwarfare.

There has been a lot of speculation regarding North Korea, most of it's simply estimated guesses at best, since NK is so secretive.

I remember when we first attacked Iraq, there was a lot of questions as to, "Why not NK?" This is a quite valid question. NK has admitted to developing WMDs, it is a large producer of opium, it has engaged in trading of illegal weaponry, and its human rights violations are staggering. So why not?

Obviously, the goal for every country in the world (including China) is to somehow get NK to embrace democracy, or even to get NK to embrace the open-market system (China has been doing a great job moving away from Communism to a free-market system, although they are still quite repressive, but this is no different than many other supposedly free countries like South Korea).

There are two primary ways of changing the NK regime:

  1. Conventional warfare
    Destroy the NK's in a war ala Iraq
  2. Engineer some sort of internal collaps
    Somtehing along the lines of the USSR's collapse in 1989

The problem with option 1, as people suggested during the Iraq war, is that every possible endgame scenario for conventional warfare ends up with Seoul being obliterated. If your geography is a bit weak, Seoul lies about 70km from the DMZ where millions of NK artillery pieces are aimed ... at Seoul. If you're not a fan of the metric units, 70km is roughly 40 miles.

Within minutes of any war with NK, Seoul would be obliterated. That is not a very good price to pay, even for victory.

And what else have we learned from Iraq? What's worse than having a million-four (1.4 million men is supposedly the strength of the NK army) fanatics with a leader is a million-four men without a leader and without a job. (In the defense of CENTCOM's Iraq operations; they were aware that giving jobs to former soldiers in the Baath regime was a top priority, but somewhere along the way it got screwed up, so they weren't entirely ignorant on this). If NK were to be toppled militarily, there would be no guarantees that things would get any better.

Couple this with the fact that SK's economy is so weak that it would not be able to handle an integration with NK like W. Germany did during the 90s, and you have a big mess.

So what's the best solution? I see it as trying to embrace NK as a separate country with a separate ideology, but pressuring them to open up their markets and their country, similar to what China has done. Opening up their country does not mean that their existing regime has to be toppled; China and Vietnam are clear examples where Communism continues to rule nominally. If NK can play ball with the rest of the world, then they would be less inclined to produce opium and engage in weapons-trading. They will also be more likely to embrace peace, and will probably take a less aggressive stance towards the region in general.

Of course, we constantly are being sidetracked by NK and its supposed nukes. This where I feel Bush has made the right steps. North Korea wants bilateral talks with the US; that is to say that NK wants to talk to the US and the US alone. But does this make sense? NO! If NK is developing nukes, who is affected? Its neighbors. Russia, China, Japan, and S. Korea all have a LOT to lose if NK joins the ranks of the nuclear superpowers. The US has been pressuring NK to join in talks with all six countries so a peaceful resolution can be reached. But NK has rejected these talks and continues to make claims that we have bilateral talks. If the US engages in bilateral talks, critics will claim that the US is acting unilaterally to solve the NK problem. And of course, if we don't engage in bilateral talks, people criticize the US for not doing enough. It's tough. This is where Bush has made the right decision. Bilateral talks are bad, bad, bad.

If you remember back during the Clinton era (I think it was 1996), we were suppsedly at the verge of nuclear war on the Korean peninsula. Of course, Clinton came in and "saved the day" by basically making the NKs agree to not process plutonium in return for light-water nuclear reactors for power. What happened? NK basically cheated and started developing uranium-based nuclear weapons. Bilateral talks with NK will only end up with them cheating ... holding talks with 6 other countries will hold every country much more accountable.

In any case, I don't think Kim Jong-Il is as much of a maniac as the West paints him out to be. He's got to be an intelligent and ruthless politician to have survived his stay on top (believe it or not, even Communist countries have power struggles all the time - look at the Chinese and their never-ending game of politics). Honestly I think that KJI only wants to be continue to be the "big dog" in NK and has no real intentions on engaging in warfare. Everything KJI has done so far has simply been to get more bargaining chips; I think he ultimately wants to cash out with a peace on the Korean peninsula and an ironclad treaty with the West that we will not invade them again. If they get nukes, they believe that this will happen.

It's not a horrible plan. Look at Pakistan. I can remember only a few years ago when Pakistan was viewed as a rogue state in constant warfare with India. Then they got nukes. Then India got nukes (or whatever the order was). And what's happened? Pakistan has obtained some legitimacy (also their help in the War in Afghanistan was a big boost) ... I think NK is trying to obtain the same thing by going after nukes.

In any case, a long rant. Let me know your thoughts.

Posted by roy on October 5, 2004 at 02:06 PM in Ramblings | 4 Comments

I won again tonight. After grinding some wins out online, I was ready for some real live play with real players. Tuesday I busted out early after opening too many pots, not remember my cardinal rule: "Do not play aggressive against call stations."


Posted by roy on October 8, 2004 at 12:28 AM in Poker | 2 Comments

Instead of writing out a post, I will simply link to a webpage that accurately sums up how I'm feeling lately.


Posted by roy on October 10, 2004 at 07:14 PM in Ramblings | 2 Comments

Hello, my faithful journal readers. I'm sorry to dissappoint you in my lack of postings, but I've been going through a somewhat tough time lately.

I've decided that my online poker is an addiction that MUST end. It is a problem that is affecting my friendships, my work ethic, and my ability to function as a normal person.

This is a problem that MUST be stopped. So I declare here that I will set a small goal of not playing any online poker until November 1st, 2004. Small steps ... small steps.

I really feel guilty to all those of you who have been waiting for some sort of update to Tabulas; I apologize from the bottom of my heart ... I've kind of reached a point where the level of work required is so overwhelming that I got discouraged from doing any work on it.

It's been really tough to grind on Tabulas alone ... to have no real feedback on what I'm doing and if I'm doing it right. In my obsession to "get it right," I've focused far too much time on small details that aren't going to matter months down the line.

I just need to sit down and do it. That's what it boils down to. I need to put aside my insecurities and just DO IT.

I went to a meeting this past week for a possible "job" at a start-up (I won't be getting paid, if anything at all), but the people at the start-up are people I've grown up with, so I'm very confident in the company itself. It was at this meeting (which I guess is a recruitment of sorts?) that I realized that I do have a pretty comprehensive knowledge about how the web works. Even professionals are pretty clueless about lots of things in CS; I just imagined that once you reached a certain level you just "knew it all" or something.

I guess the whole world relies on that lack of knowledge ... are there tons of people out there, in their jobs, realizing it's not as hard as it seems? I've always told people that what I do is not that difficult, and I do believe that. Is it just a matter of applying oneself and loving what you do to get it done?

In any case, I'm ready to close the chapter on my online poker and move on. It has made me squander my past few weeks for a stupid ideal and dream ... real wealth in the real world is generated through innovation and hard work, not some bullshit beating the statistics game. If I want to play statistics, I might as well play the stock market.

To get myself "back on track," I've been hammering out designs left and right for various different projects; for the contract I picked up, and a few Tabulas designs. Making designs has always given me great peace ... I just love it when you have an idea and you tinker around on a design to make it a perfect balance ... to get that perfect FEEL on a site ... so crucial.

Posted by roy on October 12, 2004 at 12:57 AM in Personal | 5 Comments

For the first time ever, I was knocked out on the first hand. I got KK out of position against Ryan's AA. Normally I wouldn't get pissed, except I knew Ryan had the AA and I just couldn't fold down my KK. Why? I always get pissed at myself if I make loose calls; this was the loosest of all calls.

Anybody in their right mind should of laid down those kings under that circumstance... the whole play just screamed of AA vs. KK. I'm sure Terrence will post about how he was hoping I'd fold down my high pockets against Ryan's AA. The way the betting went, it was Ryan SCREAMING "I've got AA, fold down your shit!"


Posted by roy on October 12, 2004 at 06:47 PM in Poker | 2 Comments

Interesting things to note:

First off, let's link to an ego-boosting post. Muhahahahahaah.

Update: Seems my day was a LOT better than this one.

  • It seems I cannot escape the curse of SAT teaching. I will be starting to tutor four local kids for three hours every weekend. I'm looking forward to ... time to push MY idea of "education" on some unwitting kids... HAHA... time for them to start reading the Economist!
  • The static data servers were down for most of today. It was a pain to bring them up. I get very scared when that server crashes because I cannot afford to backup the data there (I can't afford to pay for another 80GB HD just simply to mirror data)... if the "crash" turns out to be "hard drive implosion," I'm just going to be very very sad for everybody. However, I have decided I will build in a stopgap automated backup service for paid members (rolled out this weekend hopefully). Free users ... if the hard drive fails... SORRY! Har har.
  • Some friends and I decided to try out an "investment opportunity" and basically ended up with 500 DVDs in my room. I did not know 500 DVDs weighed 115 pounds (~60 kg for you metric people). I had great fun checking out some of the DVDs in there ... I did not know so many horrible DVDs were created.
  • My online poker ban is working well.
  • I whipped up a pretty slick new design for my client. I really need to finish up LB7 tomorrow
  • I added a query caching mechanism for Tabulas. As it was, any requests sent to your personal data server while the server was down was simply lost. Now (in theory) it checks to see if the request was executed on the remote server; if not, it's stored on the DB server and executed at a later time.
  • I suck at tennis.
  • I've been rewriting the XML API for Tabulas (basically how Tabulas' control panel communicates with the remote XML server to generate RSS files and such). I think I got a lot stupider over the past few months because I'm having trouble getting the system down. I have no clue how I did it so well the first time. Oh well, reinventing the wheel is always a bitch.
  • Update: I finally rewrote the XML internet API for Tabulas! Now my RSS feeds should update whenever I use the new CP automatically (instead of aggregating them every few weeks...!
  • Finally got around to installing NTP to automatically sync time across my servers; it was getting real annoying to see weird times on the home.tabulas.com

A produtive evening in all.

Posted by roy on October 15, 2004 at 01:49 AM in Ramblings | 5 Comments

I've been playing some tennis lately. Although (arguably) I couldn't yet match up with Agassi or Roddick, I think I could give some of the lesser stars (perhaps that scrub Federer, I mean really what has he done?) a run for their money. Just kidding.

In any case, please humor my fantasies and follow me on this rambling. What if, by some twist of fate, I was a sports star? Instead of having the powers to bore hundreds of readers with mediocre posts, I could shoot a perfect three pointer? Or what if I was the next Tom Brady? Or what if I had the gifted ability to leap across defenders and make mind-boggling catches in the end zone?

The biggest fallacy here is that my name is simply not star power material.

Look at the biggest stars in the world. Their names make them marketable. Say "Agassi" and everyone immediately imagines the balding tennis player and the Canon Rebel camera. "Kobe" is now immediately associated with alleged rape (JK!) ... but you get my point. My name "Roy Kim" does not provide much leeway in making a cool nickname. Even if I pull an Allen Iverson and try to use my initials, RK is hardly a fearful combination of letters. I can't shorten my first name ala Carmelo and simply be known as 'Melo. 'oy? Nope.

This is a huge problem if I'm going to be a superstar. I must have a cool nickname. This is the cool thing about poker players. That game is so subjective (almost all pros are considered "world-best" players (Any given NL list of "great" world poker plays can contain anywhere from 50-100 poker names ... how many "greats" can you have?!) that you can give YOURSELF nicknames and everyone HAS to call you by that name. David "The Dragon" Pham. Men "The Master" Nguyen. Phil "Crybaby" Hellmuth! David "Devilfish" Ulliot. THE LIST NEVER ENDS. So perhaps I can make up my own nickname in hopes it'll catch on.

So please, I will officially only be known as "The Thug." Most of my close friends already call me this ... so now the rest of you will refer to me as "The Thug." Roy "The Thug" Kim.

Posted by roy on October 16, 2004 at 12:45 AM in Personal | 5 Comments

Today at 5:38AM: Curses. I just deleted the last hour of work. Curses!

Today at 6:40AM: Fixed those gosh-darned bugs within the XML API that I put up yesterday; implemented the OPML API.

Today at 6:45AM: Realized that I forgot to implement the FOAF API.

Today at 6:50AM: realized i was really hungry. Realized I had a car. Decided to go to McDonalds. Grabbed Ashlee's CD on the way out.

Today at 6:52AM: Screaming along with "Pieces of Me" while driving to McDonalds.

Today at 6:55AM: Screaming along with "Love Me For Me" as I think to myself on how gorgeous the sunrise is. Am I a bad man?

Today at 7:03AM: Munching on a Sausage and Egg McMuffin with a hash brown and orange Hi-C, realizing that McDonalds has started their Monopoly promotion again!

Today at 7:04AM: Think of the BEST two year plan: GET BOARDWALK AND GET RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today at 7:08AM: Sing along with Pieces of Me for the third time (I'm neurotic like that) while driving back.

Today at 7:20AM: Download Meatloaf's "I Would Do Anything for Love."

Today at 7:25AM: Look up the lyrics on SongMeanings.net and laugh at the comments. Those "lyric interpretations" always crack me up.

. . .

While crawling through my friends-of page, noticed a link to blogsnow.com, which is supposed to be a "real-time" aggregator. From their site: blogsnow was specifically designed to be the fastest blog news aggregator possible: 5 to 12 minutes after a blog entry has been saved it will exist in the blogsnow index. My question is if it's "real-time," I'm guessing their checking to see if a specific RSS feed has been updated every 5-12 minutes? Wasn't there a lot of talk about this already over in Winerland? Aren't aggregators only supposed to poll once every HOUR at a max?

Check this journal tomorrow if you like Tabulas. I'm going to post some Tabby-related news tomorrow... OOH OOH.

Posted by roy on October 16, 2004 at 04:30 AM in Ramblings | 5 Comments

This is going to be an oft-updated post, so I'll break it. Basically the gist of the whole entry: I have the new control panel at a not-so-presentable beta stage, and I want people to start trying it out and giving me feedback.

Image stolen from exodus

(Continue onwards)

Posted by roy on October 17, 2004 at 10:36 PM in Tabulas | 36 Comments

Today at approximately 2:36PM I got hit on the side of the face by a tennis ball. It bent my glasses. Luckily nobody saw.

I was originally going to write a long post about the cultural differences between Korea and America manifested in web services, but I got really really lazy and wrote this post instead. Forgiveness, PLEASE. EDIT: I think I'm just going to use this post as a general aggregation for everything little thing I've wanted to post but I just haven't had the opportunity to post yet...

. . .

Speaking of which, check Website » Links » Bookmarklet in the new control panel to install a bookmarklet that will let you quickly add a link to your Tabulas links page from any page on the web; I'm going to start developing this feature a bit more (maybe make a separate RSS feed for links) because I really like to manage links online. It just makes sense.

. . .

I managed to use my TRICKSINESS (I'm a tricky ... tricksy hobbit...) to get a parking ticket appealed. A few weeks ago, I parked in a motorcycle (yes, I am that skilled ... I parked a 1996 Ford Taurus in a motorcycle parking spot (again). I got a ticket for this before, and I only got the fine notched down a few Hamiltons. This time I got the whole thing appealed down.

. . .

Thanks to the owner of blogsnow.com for answering my question in the previous post. Maybe I'll incorporate pinging their list into Tabulas. Speaking of which, I really need to rebuild those crossposting features. They were legitimately useful...

. . .

Does anyone notice that the features that tend to be developed are features that I find personally useful? Unlike real businesses which have to worry about foolish things like revenue and profit-margins, I haphazardly run this site. Of course, 2.0 is meant to make things more "professional," but give my streak of procrastination ... things are going quite slow on that front. But yeah, I'm a selfish bastard. All those features... NONE OF THEM ARE FOR YOU. THEY ARE ALL FOR ME. I AM SIMPLY SHARING THEM. MUHAHA.

. . .

I seemingly seem (is this proper grammar?) to suffer from mild OCD. It's getting worse. For example, there's this dry patch of skin by my ear and I keep picking at it, although: 1.) I can't see it and 2.) it doesn't itch or anything. Common sense would dictate that I leave it alone so it can heal. Also, I always have to wash my hands whenever I leave the room. As if my room is any cleaner than "outside." Even if it's going outside to get something from my car. And the latest proof ... I came all the way back to my room to clip my fingernails. About a ten minute walk ... because I thought my fingernails were too long (which they were!) and ... they were bothering me.

. . .

This girl wants me to tutor her in organic chemistry, yet I cannot remember an ounce of organic chem. When was the last time I even did that junk? 3 years ago? 4 years ago? She's in for a huge dissappointment... but maybe all she needs is a "yes-man:" someone to just say "yeah you're doing it right" to boost her confidence. I hope so.

. . .

Alex took me to eat at Lenoir today. And boy, are there are lot of cute girls up there!

. . .

I asked Borst last week to start ripping Las Vegas episodes (Las Vegas is quite possibly one of the best hour-long shows on TV right now). I completely forgot that i had asked him to do this until he saw me online and sent me this huge 700 meg file... then I realized it was the episode that I watched tonight. He rules.

. . .

Regarding this whole Red Sox and Yankees fiasco... I have absolutely no preference who wins, but I do have a mild bias. Of course, having no preference means I'm rooting for the underdog (the Red Sox). Gosh, it just seems so cool to root for them. I mean, the CURSE. The FRIGGIN CURSE. And if they actually pull themselves out of this hole, I can say to my kids, "Yeah, I was rooting for the Red Sox." And it seems to be generally accepted that the Yankees are "assholes" and anyone who likes them is an "asshole." And I definitely do not want to be labelled an "asshole," so I will definitely root for the right team to root for... the Red Sox. Just kidding. I'm not really rooting for anybody.

However, I do have a slight vested interest in seeing the New York Yankees win. You see, I was raised in Buffalo, New York (actually Tonawanda, a bit north of Buffalo) from pre-kindergarten (when they thought I was a retard, but that's a story for another day...) until 4th grade. If you do your math (which I can't), I basically was in Buffalo for the bulk of the Buffalo Bills infamous 4 runs (I actually think I was in NC for the last one, or the last two ... I honestly cannot remember anymore) to the Super Bowl. If you're not into American football ... I'll give you a short synopsis.

The Bufffalo Bills were a high-powered football team that made four consecutive trips to the Super Bowl (the American football championship game ... the greatest sporting event in American history after the baseball strikes made everyone realize baseball sucks) ... and lost all four times. The Buffalo Bills are becoming a running joke ... but this is shadowed ONLY by the Red Sox absence from the World Series since ~1916 (? I don't know ?). If the Red Sox actually win, then people will start to focus on my beloved Bills and their failed four runs ... which my poor little heart could not take.

So I kind of want to see the Yankees win. Just to protect my Bills. Twisted reasoning, huh?

Posted by roy on October 19, 2004 at 04:35 AM in Ramblings, Tabulas | 3 Comments

A very interesting hand came up where I was knocked out ... and I want to discuss this hand with you guys.

I got drawn to a smaller table with Moonie, Donald, Ryan, and two other guys. Great table. I felt very confident with this table, as I could run over everyone and end up at the final table with healthy chips.

In any case, Ryan is basically running the table over. He's been getting great hands and basically accumulating a lot of chips.

Donald eventually goes all-in for about 5x the BB. Ryan calls the all-in. I look down and see T9o and decide to call.

It should be noted that I like to play all-in pots because players usually soft-play all-in hands. Ryan jokingly says, "Hey, let's check it down to the river." I say "no" because it's unethical to do such a thing (collusion) against Donald.

Flop comes 9JQ. I decide my straight draw isn't enough to bet with someone all-in on a dry sidepot, so I check it. Turn comes K. I've made my straight. I decide that the flush draw is something I can make sure I don't hit, so i check it down. The river comes a safe blank, so I decide to make a very small value bet (hopefully he'll call with a small pair) after he checks. Then he goes all-in.

Now, I don't like this move. I'm thinking that because I feigned weakness that he's taking advantage to try to push me out of the pot.

I have seen players use the all-in strategy to try to protect the side pot to the less dangerous player. The reasoning is that it's a lot safer for a short stack to have some chips then to give the 2nd chip leader a sizable stack.

The reasoning in my mind goes like this:

I have the 2nd best hand available on the board. Only hand that can beat me is AT. If someone was holding the AT and someone made a weak value bet on the river, one would try to make a small reraise to get value from the hand. If you're holding the nuts in a situation like this, moving all-in is going to get you absolutely no value for your hand.

I also have to worry about getting Donald out. At this point, I'm reasoning that Ryan picked up trips or two pair and is trying to push me out; an all-in when someone is all-in is a very weak move; I've seen it happen many many times before.

So I decide that Ryan has two pair or trips and is trying to push me out of the pot and hope he has Donald beat. So I throw out everything about pot odds and call him ... the AT is the only hand that can beat me.

So of course he has it. But I wasn't too pissed about my call, I think it was the right move to make there. I had to worry about Ryan being crazy (we should note he tried to bluff me out of a ~$80 pot a few hands before) and trying to protect his chip stack. And really, how could AT play like this? At worst, I figured we were looking at a split pot, and I wanted to send a message that he couldn't just push me around with his large stack.

Posted by roy on October 19, 2004 at 07:31 PM in Poker | 1 Comments

edit: sorry for this. i've just ... been under a lot of pressure lately.

(let me cut this)

Posted by roy on October 20, 2004 at 12:34 AM in Ramblings | 12 Comments

Regarding tonight's "historic" win: I didn't know so many people cared about baseball. Talk about bandwagon fans. (I'm not even talking just about the sheer number of closet Red Sox fans... I'm also talking about those non-baseball fans who are glad that those "goddamned Yankees" lost.)

. . .

And in other unrelated news, I actually spent time developing a "birthday reminder" feature for Tabulas. Wow. I am officially a loser. No, just kidding. I am cool.

Um. Yeah. Anyways, check your new control panel; on the left panel on your add entry page, it should list any upcoming birthdays (up to 5 days ahead, I believe).

reminder to self: gotta fix the bday input part of the new cp.

Posted by roy on October 20, 2004 at 11:09 PM in Ramblings | 4 Comments

I did not win tonight (finally). Terrence got his long-due victory ...

In general, I was a bit too timid and loose. Aggressive is a great style, but there's a fine line between being aggressive and being loose, and I crossed that line a few times. A few good cards managed to change that around for me and save my ass, but overall I played real crap today. I didn't deserve to finish or place.

But I am quite impressed at the level that people are now playing at. Godwin, Moonie and Yush all made great strong plays tonight. Amazing play all around; winning on Thursdays is going to be real tough now.

(My new poker theme song is "Dancing in the Moonlight" by Toploader)

Posted by roy on October 22, 2004 at 12:15 AM in Poker | Add a comment

Over the weekend, the TV was on (VH1 I think) and they played a short clip of "Reflections" by Christina Aguilera (her first real song ... before she got all nasty). Now, I absolutely love this song. I have the whole song memorized ... so without cue I started busting out singing and I finished the song.

I don't think Seong appreciated this. But then he asked for the MP3 of the song... maybe my rendition was so ... beautiful.... sniff sniff

. . .

Do not see "The Grudge." It is retarded stupid. It's not scary, it's just really jumpy.

Posted by roy on October 23, 2004 at 11:31 PM in Ramblings | 5 Comments

Ok, now that I've been using my tablet PC for a while now, I feel like I can make a better review on it.

I absolutely love it. With the built-in wireless, I can just take the tablet out wherever and quickly check my e-mail or surf the web. And I haven't even configured the audio prompts!

The Motion M1400 View Anywhere screen is REALLY nice. I've used my parents' flat-screen and been using my craptop LCD, but this screen just blows everything else away in terms of its brightness and color. I'm not sure if the stock M1400 screens are as nice, but I've never noticed that my screen is hard to see (even in bright daylight). The viewing angle of the screen makes viewing great as well!

I just updated to Windows XP SP2, and the handwriting recognition is getting really spot-on. This is quite amazing.

I really like the handwriting because I'm a messy thinker; sometimes it's good to just scribble down a bunch of notes and thoughts instead of word processing it (or even writing it on old-fashioned pen and paper because I always lose it!)

Because the standard hardtop keyboard from Motion stinks (the trackpad is really sensitive and so when my hands naturally rest on the keyboard the bottom part of my palm keeps triggering it. I was also running out of USB ports (I only get two on the tablet, and no PS/2 inputs for keyboard or mouse) so I went out and bought the Microsoft Elite Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse. For weird XP reasons, I couldn't get the internal bluetooth working (yet). However, the Elite system came with a plug-in USB key that serves as the Bluetooth receiver for the time being; I'm going to tackle the internal Bluetooth problem soon.

The limitations of the tablet for my daily use? Well, because the thing only comes with two USB ports and one Firewire (which is the 4-pin and not the 6-pin, which means my iPod needs to plug-in via the USB port), it gets hard to manage all my external stuff. Before today, I would plug-in my keyboard and mouse to the two USB drives. Which means if I wanted to plug in my iPod or my flash card reader or my external DVD/CD-ROM drive, I would be without the mouse or keyboard (a pain). Today's purchase of the Bluetooth system will alleviate that.

Once I got SP2 installed, the Bluetooth set-up was really easy; I was surprised how painless it was. The Microsoft keyboard feels nice to use, although the mouse is a bit bulky and heavy for me.

I feel like a real ubernerd; my old craptop is constantly connected to the net simply to serve as my chatting/server monitoring (I leave the top command running through SSH connections to make sure they're not getting overloaded). This leaves my tablet for 'work' stuff.

Posted by roy on October 24, 2004 at 11:00 PM in | 4 Comments

My life is a mess. Chop chop! Get it together, Roy.

. . .

I should really be sleeping, but everytime I lie down, I just can't sleep. Not sure what it is. I rather just sit in front of the computer and listen to some Fooled by April while mindlessly staring at the Google homepage (or the Tabulas homepage).

The pressures are really starting to get to me. I've already started to crack. I just feel like there's so much I don't know where to start. It's enough that I've lately just been avoiding all the things and people in my life ... and now I find myself way behind in everything.

I really got to get my shit together. I'm not a little kid anymore. I have to man up to my responsibilities and just work my ass off and get this done.

Yeah, it sucks.

. . .

(Finally I finished 2nd on the Stacy Poker Tour!)

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I want to preface this entry with an appropriate quote from Chuck Klosterman's "Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs" (it's an amazingly hilarious book that you should read!)

Timothy McVeigh was executed on June 11 of 2001. Around the time of his execution, the Chicago Tribune ran a breakdown of all 168 people killed in the Oklahoma City bombinb. Here are some examples of how the victims were mentioned:

  • Donald Earl Burns, Sr., 63, taught woodworking for many years.
  • John Van Ess, 67, played national championship basketball as a student at Oklahoma A&M.
  • Karen Gist Carr, 32, was a member of hte Toastmasters International.

There's nothing intrinsically wrong with any of these details. However, as I read and reread every little bio on the list, I found myself deflated by the realization that virtually everyone's life is only remembered for one thing. J.D. Salinger wroter Catcher in the Rye; for all practical purposes, that's it. He may as well have done nothing else, ever. As time passes, that book becomes his singular legacy. He's certainly famous, but 98 percent of the world doesn't know about anything else he's ever done. Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin; every other element of this existence is totally irrelevant. Bill Buckner let a ground ball go through his legs in the World Series and cost the Red Sox a championship; in fifty years, everything else about his career will be a footnote.

This doesn't just apply to second-rate celebrities, either. It's equally true for normal citizens (case in point: Oklahoma City bombing victim Oleta Christine Biddy was undoubtedly a complex human, but the readers of the Chicago Tribune only know that she "always had a smile on her face"). Beyond your closest friends, you can probably describe everyone you know with one sentence.

I think this is what motivates people to have children. Everyone agrees that creating life is important, so having a child guarantees you've done at least one act of consequence. Moreover, it extends the window for greatness; if your kid becomes president, your biography becomes "the parent of a president." The import of your existence can be validated by whoever you bring into the world. But this doesn't always work. In fact, sometimes it makes things worse. Which is why the most depressing thing about the Oklahoma City bombings is that there's now an innocent woman whose one-sentence newspaper bio will forever be, "She was Timothy McVeigh's mother."

I was wondering what people would say if I were to pass away tomorrow. Granted, it would probably be nice things, but what would it be? I don't feel like I've been a particularly great and consistent friend to anyone in particular, nor do I feel like I've been the best son. People say that I've accomplished a lot, but everything that's of any value in my life is all in the potential. I could created something great; so far my track record isn't great (For the record, I don't consider Tabulas a great accomplishment; anybody can create a free service that's successful given the netizen's appetite for free services. I'm not saying this to be modest either. It's a simple fact that I've long-sinced accepted. Tabulas' success will only be measured by its commercial success, which lies wholly on the success of 2.0.). I've not been a particularly great brother to my sister, nor was I a particularly great boyfriend to my ex (nor have I been a great post-relationship friend to her).

I haven't been a good student, and I haven't showed much work discipline over the past few months. So what am I?

If I were to die, how would I want to be remembered? Would I want someone to carry on hosting roykim.net forever? Would I want someone to just wrote a simple note on the front page telling the world of my untimely demise? Would people actually care more about my death or the fact that a lot of my services would now be suspended (come on, admit it ... you would care more about the services!!! the death of some random dude on the internet shouldn't concern you!).

I am for some reason always drawn back to tribute sites like this one. It's just a random person I've never met, yet now I know they're dead. It also is really weird to read the journals of dead people. Not really sure why, but all entries are written with the idea that there will be another one after it. But there isn't. And that bothers me a lot.

But yeah, if you were to pass away ... how would you like to be remembered?

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Important first note: Happy 21st to Ryan. (Let's see if he actually reads this thing). I have also decided on a nickname for Ryan (he's been dying for one since EVERYONE has one in our little poker clique). Ryan is officially now known as... Terminator. We'll try this one out. Ryan has eliminated me the last three times in the Tuesday night games. I just cannot play against his style. I think Yush also got bit by the same bug cause he played a very similar style against Terrence in their heads-up match (Yush picked up his first yellow chip! Congrats to Yush!)...

. . .

Do not fret!

I have decided that I will not vote in this election. I do not feel that I align on domestic Bush issues to vote for him (although I do like his foreign policies). I also really dislike Kerry, so I will not vote for him. What I AM doing is giving you Kerry supporters a chance to capture the oh-so-pink-state of NC ... I am one less vote you have to contend with (if I was told I had to pick one, I would pick Bush).

And I swear, this has nothing to do with the fact that: (a) I was too lazy to buy a stamp to post my voter registration or (b) I wouldn't wake up on a friggin November morning to spend three hours voting.

If you feel the same way I do (Bush sucks, but Kerry sucks more, but Bush doesn't deserve me vote), I also urge you to stay in an NOT VOTE. We can all sleep in and dream of sugar plums and puppies frolicking in verdant valleys or something ridiculous like that.

I don't care what Sean Penn says, Matt and Trey are right: There is absolutely no shame in not voting.

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One of the UPSSIIIIDDDEEESS of testing out the new cpanel is that it's on a separate server. So yes, if Tabulas crashes, you can still access your Tabulas control panel. So if you feel the urge to add an entry while Tabulas is down, just type in my.tabulas.com and you will be fine.

I've been spending some time hacking away at the control panel. I've decided to use one of my other idle tabulas accounts as the control panel journal. So any bug reports or whatnot, please go to caletucker and post the bugs over there. You do not need to repost bugs you already posted in my previous cpanel post; I am addressing all the ones in there this weekend.

Another cool thing is getting rid of the auto-breaks (so you can write "pure" HTML entries for once!) as well as being able to post in multiple categories (if you use categories).

I've also implemented the commenting autolock feature that I talked about earlier. Basically what this does is disable the ability to make comments in any non-stickied post after X days. It will help make comment spam much more manageable (how often do you get a legitimate comment after a certain number of days anyway?).. I've set mine to 5 days. You can access it from your Prefs » Journal page.

The server lately has been crashing quite often. I've devoted my old craptop to leaving SSH windows to my servers open 24/7 so I can always monitor how my servers are doing. The database and main servers have been dying on an off over the past two days ... apologies for the downtime. I hate it just as much as you do ... hopefully I can get some money somewhere to buy better servers.

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First off, let me say that I just spent most of tonight starting to fully integrate billing with PayPal so it's all automated. So far I've basically had to e-mail everyone who upgrades their account and manually upgrade their accounts ...

It's been a really long time since I've done something as complex as this, and it really showed how long I've been "out of it." But I got subscriptions automated so people can automatically get their accounts upgraded when they update with PayPal. I've also gotten PayPal renewals working, so that's great. Now I have to build the account demotion feature as well as sorting through the tons of lapsed subscriptions and demoting those accounts. Fun times ahead for me.

Wow, I really wish I had more foresight earlier on. I used to hapharzardly keep track of all paid accounts and now it's biting me in the butt. I had go to PayPal to download my subscriptions history and then manually crosscheck all paid accounts to see which were expired, etc. etc. Phew, but I think I'm done for now.

Every day, I'm one step closer for automating most of the menial functions for Tabulas so I can focus on the higher-level stuff (like more features!). Computers are great.

I did set-up the queue for account deletion so you can actually delete accounts now.

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