Not being able to readily update Tabulas has not meant (dear lord, I wrote 'meaned' there ... damn my Engrish...) that I have not thought about how much *work* needs to be done on the whole system.

So here are some random links I've been reading that I have found immensely interesting that have to do with software development and the future of software development (or so we think). \

21 Rules of Thumb – How Microsoft develops its Software: 21 rules to follow when shipping software.

Joel Spolsky: Things You Should Never Do: Never Rewrite Code From Scratch: I wish someone had told me this about 4 months ago. It is a definitely a lesson I've taken to heart now...

Dave Shea: Web applications are the future: Yes, I most definitely feel strongly about this. That is why I invested $50 USD in that Javascript book. The developers in demand a few years from now will be those who can mix in standardized CSS/HTML with the proper scripting knowledge to throw up short development cycled programs while leverage Javascript to provide a great user interface (HTML Forms are incredibly 'clunky' when it comes to user interfaces).

The point has been made again and again that GMail's big "thing" for web developers is that it shows what *can* be possible. You *can* compete with desktop applications if you bring the right features to the table. I wrote vaguely about this concept in my earlier entry about this.

As a side note, I'm beginning to believe that scripting should be taught to most high-school level kids. Forget Java... just work with something as simple as PHP. From conception to implementation, the SAT program I wrote (which saved me at least 4+ hours this week alone, compounded over 8 weeks) took two days of on-and-off hacking. Sure, the UI sucks and the thing is ridden with security holes, but the point is that I got it up and running in two days. The development cycle in Java would be a lot longer than that. Sometimes "quick and dirty" works just fine for small applications.

Ok, more on this later. For now, I am seeing some friends in Apgujeong...
Posted by roy on June 26, 2004 at 02:21 AM in Web Development | 1 Comments

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Comment posted on June 28th, 2004 at 12:38 PM
Eh heh, perhaps following 21 rules that M$ follows isn\'t exactly the best training on writing software, considering their track record...