I went to Taco Bell after losing $30 at Duke in poker (side note: i just had a bad draw of cards .. horrid draw of cards). I love Taco Bell.

Don't you hate it when you order something and then you realize you only wanted part of it? For example, I was hungry tonight so I went drive-thru at Wendy's. I didn't want the spicy chicken combo; I felt more like taco salad.

What I didn't know is that taco salad is more of a salad than taco at Wendy's. After I got it, I realized all I really wanted was a bowl of chili and some of the taco chips.

Posted by roy on July 27, 2003 at 07:36 PM | 4 Comments

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Charles (guest)

Comment posted on January 23rd, 2004 at 07:53 AM
What do you mean leave it out for over 10 mins Wendys in my area has the freshest food of anybody and they are fast!!!
Comment posted on July 28th, 2003 at 11:38 AM
YOU SO DID NOT BRING ME MY TACO. my mom definitely said that someone was eating taco on the phone. you little bast... :-D
Comment posted on July 27th, 2003 at 10:02 PM
yea, wendys has a very fast drivethru
Comment posted on July 27th, 2003 at 07:48 PM
I have to give props to Wendy's. They have THE fastest drive through in the business because they're not afraid to leave their food out for over 10 minutes. But their salads are the best because they're actually quite healthy as opposed to other places. Except for the Taco Salad. Taco salad was never meant to be healthy.