i moved this to a separate post

a less shittier looking comments page
i hate it, i don't know why, it's ugly. unformatted. the styling changes i implented for tabulas 0.99 set the groundwork so i can rehash those pages.

the method i'm using to sort those comments are also incredibly inefficient. ideally i would like to grab all the comments at once from the database, throw them into a hash, and arrange them like that. right now, it grabs all the top-tiered comments, then the second level, etc. bad architecture.
edit mod_rewrite to stop showing such an ugly URL (maybe /~user/number.html?mid=motherid#commentid would be nice)

content aggregator
i think i feel comfortable enough with regexps that i might be able to build a small RSS aggregator from multiple RSS feeds ... and also from non-rss feeds (e.g. xanga). this could help you read LJ, xanga, and other sites from the comfort of your tabulas admin panel. and i could take this another level by also offering it as a templating option (kinda like blogri..er.. shared journals show up on your main page).

linkroll/shared journal list
make it optional to show up on your main site.
edit: now that i've done this, i've realized how woefully inadequate the current tabulas prebuilt templates are. SOOOOO... another thing to add:

tabulas templates
- allow for counter tag, audiomatch tag, allow for optional shared journal lists, linkroll, and contentroll

you'll notice your hit logging is using a nice calendar system. i wrote the set of functions very open-ended because i left the possibility open in my mind that i would implement a calendar for your entries, much like xanga/livejournal

other crap
- fix up the archived hit logging pages - generate them once instead of 10,000 times
- yellow pages of tabulas members (basically the front page, except on steroids)
- clean up the log data files; extract all relevant information then delete it
- start storing links externally
- check gallery privacy levels
- fix up individual profile pages (move to separate PHP file)
- jump to date (fix up archives pages)
- store artist/music info separately

i think i need to set up a phpBB for now to help manage the faqs and bugs.

edit: goddamnit it. why does the list never get shorter?! arhghrahgaehgaheg
Posted by roy on July 16, 2003 at 10:07 AM | Add a comment

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