i flew in on tuesday to dallas/ft. worth ... and i saw her. my girlfriend. who i hadn't seen in 2.5 months. it was odd seeing her for the first time again ... i mean we had kept in touch via e-mail and phone while i travelled through korea/vietnam, but it's always so weird to see someone you care about for the first time in two and a half months. anyway, we had lunch with chris and kristina at baker brothers (i've grown to love it!) ... we had dinner avanti by fountain place in downtown dallas which is really nice (fav. chill place for me in dallas!).

the next day we went to six flags over tx with chris, his brother paul, one of chris' friend and of course doody :). it was frickin' hot, but i had a blast.

next day i saw lilo and stitch with doody and then we met up with jen and steven (her good friends) at cheesecake factory. oh my what a wonderful place to eat! i'm hooked! doody and i went to a park afterwards. next day she picked me up last cause she had to work that morning (doh!). um yeah. by this time i was crashing at sam's place (doody's friend's boyfriend) at ut-dallas.

anyway, the next day we went to a nice korean place with sam, his friend brian, jason, steven, jen, kristina, doody, and me (a lot of people!). the food was amazing!

today i came back.

i guess the trip just made me miss doody a lot more ... doh. it was so hard to leave her ... oh well. in three weeks she'll be back in school here :) i can't wait!
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