i don't know how 90% of my conversations with people started revolving around me being single, but i'm really getting tired of it. another few close brushes with relationships, but now i'm through. i stayed true so far - no relationships in 2012! 

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So many people wanted to get into Tabulas, so I opened up registrations for the first time in a few weeks - and what happened? A bunch of spammers came in as well. I wonder if they've had an automated script that just has been running. 

Oh well - for the time being, I'm manually checking the registered users and wiping away the spammers. Only have to deal with this problem for one day. 

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So, I've finally gotten the new editor up on Tabulas!

You can access it at http://tabulas.com/cp/editor/ 

Features? Well, it's simplified significantly for the writing experience. The hope is that it encourages more long-form entry writing. 

The editor box autoscales to the height of your content, so it reduces the "double scrollbar" problem that's on the current editor. 

It also features a drag-and-drop image uploader (and a multi-select image uploader) which should make sharing images much, much easier. 

And best - autosave. It will autosave whatever you're writing into drafts so you don't have to worry about explicitly saving! I do need to do some more work to prevent accidental loss (for example, if you load a draft, then start writing a new entry in the same box, it will wipe away the old draft), but it's a great start. 

For example, here is a photo of me at Oktoberfest:

And here I am at Max's wedding:

(Sometimes the editor has problems with problems with the heights when images are there - a bug I'll surely nail down). 

I'm not requiring this as the default, but I would highly suggest you play with it and help me work out any issues with it - it will become the default soon enough! 

And here is a partial screenshot of me authoring this page:

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