About Roy

My name is Roy. I enjoy making webpages. I graduated from UNC-CH in May '05 with a Chem/Econ degree, but I ended up working primarily with computers. I am currently happily employed by MindTouch, a startup working on a collaborative intranet (a kick-ass wiki) product. My responsibilites range from working on the backend of the product to developing UI wireframes, and generally working on usability of the product.

In my space time, I run/develop/maintain Tabulas, a journaling/gallery/links/media remote hosting site. I've been working on this for nearly three years, and nothing makes me happier than to see the community that's grown up around this project. As of 2006, I'm currently rewriting a huge portion of Tabulas for more features, cleaner interface, and greater backend efficiency.

You can check out a list of my other web projects at rykorp.
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