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Totally smitten with Dev - her album is pretty great:

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I loved One Day. I'm a huge sap for romantic dramas, and this one doesn't fail. 

The premise of the movie are a boy and girl who meet and connect on their graduation night. The movie then cuts to the anniversary of their meeting every year for 23 years. It follows the trials and tribulations of both of them as they struggle with their own careers, their families, their relationships (with others), and eventually, their relationship with each other. 

The movie's not a feel-good movie, which is what I loved about it... it portrayed real struggles for both of them. 

Now, I will say that the movie *could* have been much better. There were parts I felt were a little slow... maybe Anne Hathaway could have been recast or maybe Jim Stugess was just too good (the movie seemed to follow the boy more than the girl, although they both had similar struggles). 

There are a few themes in the film that I identified with. As Dexter (the guy protragonist) starts getting more into his career and becoming more self-involved, he starts to distance himself from his mother and Em (the girl protagonist). In one of the scenes, his mother remarks how she knows he'll one day make a great husband and a father... but that he's no longer a nice guy - the lifestyle he's lead changes his personality. 

A few years later, Em says it more concisely: "I love you Dex, I really do. I just don't like you anymore."

Good stuff. 

(Apparently, as is the case with all movies, the book is much better. Soooo I guess I'll be reading THAT, now...)

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The trainers at my gym have been posting videos of them doing the TRX Mission Readiness challenge... and they told me I should try it, too. 

The challenge goes like this:

  • 1 minute TRX hamstring curl
  • 1 minute TRX low row 
  • 1 minute TRX lunge 
  • 1 minute TRX lunge (other leg)
  • 1 minute atomic pikes

You do as many reps as you can, and that's your score. 

I had never done the hamstring curl, and knowing how tight my hamstrings are, I was worried about how well I could do. 

So I ate proper Thursday and slept early so I could be at 100% for the Friday morning challenge. 

It was my first time through the whole exercise, so my #1 goal was to maintain a steady pace and finish the challenge - I didn't want to burn myself out. 

Here's the video:

My score were 185 - which wasn't that bad! (My trainer scored a 191) 

I can definitely improve this, now that I know the energy level it takes. I can definitely speed up the hamstring curls (should be able to get an extra 10), and can definitely get more lunges in on each leg. 

My next goal is 200... let's see! 

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