Seems Obama's job rating is hitting the dippers. A lot seems to be going on these days: Iran and N. Korea getting fiesty, economy not recovering, taxing the richest earners to fund socialized health care, pushing an emissions cap-and-trade program that gives away 85% of its emission credits for free , wiretapping flip-flop ...

I have a lot of random thoughts, but I'm not strongly opinionated on any of these. I do think health care needs to be socialized, but I also think people need to stop trying to live forever (as the Times points out). Technological innovation will pull us out of this recession. Unfortunately, the surplus tax on the rich to subsidize health care might potentially drive enterpreneurship into the ground. My biggest fear is we pass some ridiculous health care package which doesn't drive health care costs down, but simply divert money away from the private sector, which then inhibits entrepreneurial growth, which then leads to us really getting our asses kicked by one of the BRICs.

. . .

I saw this linked recently, and it cracks me up:

It's funny on so many levels ... and of course, I love Shaq.

Posted by roy on July 16, 2009 at 10:42 PM in Ramblings | 1 Comments

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Comment posted on July 17th, 2009 at 07:54 AM
Living forever is good. But becoming obsolete at the young age of 65 is bad. That's why steroids should be legalized. That should push back the average retirement age to 95.