I've been making great use of this Labor Day weekend by laboring on Tabulas. I finally decided to take the dive and do all the dangerous changes I've been avoiding for far too long. I've been removing hundreds of lines of code whose only purpose was to bridge between the new code and the old code. It's cathartic, but it's also led to a bunch of errors being thrown. I've turned on logging to the max: all SQL and PHP errors will be reported to me, so I should hopefully stabilizing everything soon!

A bit of downtime for Tabulas users sucks, but Tabulas downtimes are so rare: once a year of downtime ain't bad ;) I also took the time to make a Tabulas DB dump today, and it weighs in at 5.5GB! Woo, better figure out how to scale that out a bit.

Anyways, I'm pretty pumped to have tomorrow off, as I can continue to work on Tabulas and really get it to a stabilizing point. I have some pretty cool plans for Tabulas, which I hope I can pursue.

I discovered this old song today, which I seriously thing is one of the best techno songs I've heard in a long, long time: (then again, I listen to iPartyRadio, so that may not be a hard thing to do):


Currently listening to: DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter - Together
Posted by roy on August 31, 2008 at 11:39 PM in Music, Tabulas | Add a comment

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