Oh dear lord, this is the best picture ever:

I keep looking at it, and laughing.

. . .

Yay for boosting my ego:

I've always ♥ Tabulas because it's a mix of Blogger and LJ for me (and it has lots of smilies!l3_eyes.gif). However, I wasn't able to update here for a long time now because I find it such a time-consuming task to copy paste my entries from one blog to the other. Neither can I just focus on this blog solely. Before I even put up this account, I already have my Blogger and my LJ running already. I cannot find myself leaving Blogger because I have that blog since '05, and I can't leave LJ as well because my batchmates from college are in my friends-list there. I post entries in different blogs in accordance to whom I want to talk to... I used to keep this account only when I want to talk to me. But ever since, I've always prayed that the day would come that Roy, the one man behind Tabulas, will be able to fix the cross-posting issue here, so that if ever I would want my friends to know what I've been telling myself recently, I can just easily cross-post it to my LJ. And guess what? ROY DID IT! Not just that, Tabulas has already a new metweblog api, which now allows it to work with Microsoft Windows LiveWriter as well! Woohoo! e_singer.gif And I'm really digging the new control panel too!

You're such a genius, Roy, I hope you see that. I also appreciate how you replied to my e-mail about cross-posting and APIs before. I read one comment in the your blog which says that it's your personal touch to Tabulas that makes this service different from all the other blogging platforms out there---I so agree. I hope you keep up with what you're doing.

I haven't had much time to write about all the stuff going on Tabulas, but patriciya's written a post about the mixtape feature (and how to actually download the tracks). Thanks for the nice write-ups ... makes it all worthwhile!

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Comment posted on April 22nd, 2008 at 03:12 PM
Lolcats seriously does rock.
Comment posted on April 22nd, 2008 at 02:16 PM
Yay for self-promotion.
Comment posted on April 22nd, 2008 at 08:51 AM
I still think you suck, Roy, and I will be switching over to hongx.net posthaste!
Comment posted on April 22nd, 2008 at 05:50 AM
Hey Roy!! :) Wow, I didn't expect you'd get to read what I posted, but good thing you did! :) I meant every single word there!

I was actually worried when you filled the Tabulas' homepage with all those "lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..." text, haha. :) You may find Tabulas behind the times already, but that's for you, a web developer nonetheless. But for me, an ordinary human being leeching off every free service in the net (and I'm certain this doesn't just apply to me), Tabulas has allowed us to fulfill all of our self-glorification needs (even if we're just basically writing in a diary, talking to ourselves... but hey, there are usericons to boot!). And it just keeps getting better.

You have an army behind you, Roy! ;) Again, keep up the excellent work! Glad to have boosted your ego, even if I'm a a thousand miles away :)