I can't stop listening to this specific remix version of Cascada's "What Hurts the Most":

. . .

We went deep-sea fishing for Nasty Nate's bachelor party this past weekend. Suffice it to say, I will never set foot in a boat ever again.

. . .

I thought I hadn't grown personally since moving to San Diego. Coming back home, I realized the wrongness of this assertion - I have grown quite a bit. Leaving your comfort zone is helpful in gaining a perspective on life. This leads me to my next conclusion: San Diego is now my comfort zone. San Diego is my home. Every time I read that, it feels weird. I've considered NC home since the 5th grade ... and now I consider Cali my home. I'm not much for change in my personal life, but this is a pretty jarring realization.

Coming back home made me realize how hectic my life is in SD - being forced out of my (work) element has been one refreshing experience. I forgot how nice it is to work from home - PeteE is one lucky bastard!

Posted by roy on March 10, 2008 at 11:29 PM in Personal, Ramblings, Music | Add a comment

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