Today so far, in list format:

  • Had a DMV appointment to get my license/registration stuff taken care of
  • My passport was misplaced in the move, so I couldn't do the license stuff anyways
  • As it turns out, because I bought my car right before moving here, I owed California sales tax.
  • The number initially quoted was: $1,600. Wha wha wha??? Fortunately, they hadn't calculated what I had already paid in NC ... so after some number fudging, they came out with $1300 (that includes the ~$350 I paid in registration).

Sweet. I get to pay $1,300 to drive my car every Saturday to In-n-Out.

To make matters worse, my parking garage was filled up, so I had to park my car across from the office for $12. Sweet.

Money, money, money. All goes down the drain.

Anyways, the lesson learned today is: lie through your teeth to the DMV. If I had said I just brought over the car last week, I would have avoided the sales tax and saved a hefty chunk of money.

Posted by roy on January 31, 2008 at 01:00 PM in Ramblings, San Diego | Add a comment

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