We've been watching our DekiWiki downloads at MindTouch grow lately, so I took a look at some Tabulas statistics. Here is some info:

  • Google Analytics says Tabulas had 960,000 pageviews over the past 30 days with 320,000 visits
  • Statcounter tells a similar story:

  • Amazon S3 says over the month of June, Tabulas transferred 240GB worth of static data (images, files, radio files) with 5,443,680 GET requests (that means there was that many requests for images/files)
  • Amazon S3 also shows 3.1 GB worth of data was uploaded (61530 new files) and I'm currently using about 185GB worth of hard disk space
  • EV1Servers says my one web/db server pushed out 350GB of data over the month of June
Posted by roy on July 4, 2007 at 02:00 AM | Add a comment

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