alice-style posting (just a long rambling of stuff i want to write out):

i can't wait to partake in the yearly tradition of gathering a group of people, driving 30 minutes, paying money to park my car, and spending hours wandering amongst a teeming swarm of people to get some good food. once every few years, things get a BIT TOO EDGY when we decide WE SHOULD RIDE THE FERRIS WHEEL. i'll probably take it easy this year by avoiding the THRILLING FERRIS WHEEL RIDE.

damn, that teddy geiger sure is talented.

my favorite chocolate bar is skor (i introduced this delicacy to han and eddie) which reminded me of my other favorite snack: lance white cheddar popcorn. unfortunately, i've only been able to find this popcorn at rest stops. why is it so good?! and why can't i buy it at wal-mart (preferably in bulk?)

also, why are the best foods in life (CORNDOGS) not available everywhere??? why don't they sell corndogs at wendy's or mcdonald's? i know sonic's sells them, but they're so far away from where i live.

homemade tacos with guacamole is excellent.

there's a greater tendency for me to eat healthy when i cook with healthy ingredients (it's the whole ego thing - "jeez i made it, it *must* taste wonderful)

i've sworn off all fast foods, soft drinks, coffee (actually i've never been a coffee person) for the month of october. i'll try to extend this as far into november as possible. this was spurred by the dirty glance this old nurse gave me when she told me that i had a blood pressure of 137/74, which is "pretty bad for somebody your age."

my attempts at scoring modafinil failed. damn you, caring doctor!

man, i'll say it again. teddy geiger: fantastic.

i recently had an incident at work which made me rethink the way i approach the world. i've spent so much time not being so edgy, anal and hypercompetitive (i have some horrible stories about my competitiveness from when i was younger that i'm not particularly proud of)  ... and i feel like it's all going to come rushing back.

life sure is hard. looking back, the problems that my friends had in college (i had no problems, for i was a useless lump of sack and lumps of sack generally don't have problems except being infected with weevils, which wasn't a problem for me) are generally inconsequential today. i wonder if i'll think the same many years from now about my problems right now (probably so).

guys, stay away from sports gambling. given the fact that there's a good chance that online gambling is going to be much more difficult due to the morons up in dc, i decided to give sports gambling a try (something i always wanted to). i dropped a bunch of money on parlays. i decided, for good karma, to take points on the saints on all my parlays. i was SURE the saints could cover against the rams (this is two weeks ago), and i was also SURE that the indy/titans game would hit the under (manning was due for a stinker), but i decided to go with "america's team" ... and missed all my parlays cause of the saints. that, and kitna being a moron. and a bunch of teams actually scoring garbage points. actually i wasn't even close to hitting my parlays. i have to say, it was quite a rush. it's like a one-way-ticket to rabid fandom, except you're allowed to root for any team (even ones that aren't your own).

i've been on my mac exclusively for about a week now, and here are my conclusion on it: macs are overrated. seriously, i think the reason everybody falls in love with macs is because of the lucida grande font and the anti-aliased text by default. the user interface is not "more intuitive" on a mac. but i have to say the *bsd is a really really nice touch - i can run a native environment that's close to my server environments.

sometimes i like to reflect on the past friendships i've had. it's odd, because besides alice and lillia (and 2 high school friends), none of the people i currently hang out with i hung out (extensively) until my junior year of college. that means the first 18 years of my life are  completely blank when it comes to friends. fortunately, i can remember all my friends going back to the first grade.

i feel sorry for soob - he's doing his mandatory military service and north korea is getting all crazy. if war *has* to break out on the peninsula, let's hope soobers is back here. maybe we can get the koreans to settle this over a game of starcraft. honestly, the only thing that needs to happen is for china and japan (which i affectionally call west korea and east korea respectively) to get all superpowerful, cause nothing gets koreans to come together faster than misguided nationalistic, racial pride.

lately i've been thinking of other places. wanderlust is hitting me pretty badly - it's been about a year since i ran off to boston and new york last year on the lark. hao's been throwing out the idea of a run to china in late december (if he can get the time off). that'd be really radical. ring in the new year in tibet. sounds magical.

i was up last night looking at places to stay in hawaii. i'm thinking i'll go over there for about three weeks sometime in january. honestly, i just want to relive out some LOST scenes on the island.

i recently got three posters in my redecorated room: (1) scarface (gangsta) (2) ansel adams' print of "the tetons and snake river" [an absolute classic, it reminds me of the lord of the rings] and (3) "the last shot" which is the game winner shot from jordan over georgetown in the '82 ncaa finals.

this years unc basketball gets me excited. i looked into season tickets. apparently you cannot buy season tickets from unc unless you donate a ridiculous (translation: $5K a year) amount of money to the school. however, you can find 2x season tickets for unc men's basketball @ $3K (so $1.5K per ticket) on ebay. something for me to mull over.

han and i are starting the biking revolution in this area. we're slowly getting people hooked on biking (because honestly it really is hellafun and it's great exercise) which reminds me of two stories:

the first time i took people biking, i was a bit unthoughtful towards the newbs i was taking (who shall remain nameless, but let's just give them fake names... like .. sech, dontgomong, tononymous. i was super excited to take them - i had begged them for months to come, and we finally all had the time and equipment to go.

we go down the first hill, and alex (oops did i use real names?) flipped over the handlebars. :(

about 5 minutes later, tonylee (oops) ran into a tree on a nasty downhill.

at that point, sech was convinced that i had brought them all out to injure them (because i'm the king of passive-aggressiveness) and was forcefully telling me that we should turn around and leave. i was so sad.

story #2: i took neosporinboy biking on the trails by unc (behind the paul green theater, across from those dorms by cobb). it was a relatively tough trail, and neosporinboy handled the trails pretty well (i was impressed).

i had exited the trail ... and then i hear a big clash and a yelp behind me. neosporinboy had slipped on the LAST turn on the trail. but here's the thing. there was nothing special about this part at all. it was flat. it as about a 60 degree turn on a flat trail. tsk. ok so that story isn't very funny *or* entertaining, but you *can* make fun of han whenever you see him for having the balance of a butterfly fart.

when did i get too lazy to use the shift key?

i think nothing is more frustrating than having the ability to start and create, but not finish. grand dreams give way to the realiziation that i can't accomplish all that. it's been rather troubling.

meanwhile, myspace gets bought out for $580 million, and youtube gets bought out for $1.65 BILLION by google. jeez.

final thought of the day: teddy geiger is awesome
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