Today I was trying to be a studious student ... but my conniving roomates were determined to draw me into a verbal battle ... a war of the wits.

Just kidding. In reality, they were watching Friends ... as I was about to leave (to go to Undergrad Library to "study" the hot girls), they asked me if they thought Ross' new girlfriend was hot.

"She's alright," I replied.

"Roy, quit being racist," they retorted. "If you don't like her because she's black, just say so."

"Yeah, right. yeah, if her skin tone was a lot lighter she'd be a lot hotter."

Apparently my voice was not dripping with enough sarcasm because they just wouldn't drop it. Sung even put the quote in his profile!!!

QUIT TAKING THINGS OUT OF CONTEXT, JERKFACES! I hope the next time they play basketball, they ALL suffer life-threatening injuries.

. . .

Later on that night, I was watching Law and Order while Sung was trying to "study."

The show basically had a retarded dude whose lawyer was trying to justify his crime by arguing that he was retarded.

So the prosecutor in the case decided to ask the man, "Are you retarded?"

The (retarded) dude replied, "NO, I'M NOT RETARDED."

His lawyer immediately replied, "I'd like it noted on the record that mentally retarded people deny their mental retardedness."

Immediately I turned around at Sung and asked, "Are you mentally retarded?"

Later on Sung remarked how lose-lose of a situation that would occur if he answered that question.
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