Nasty Nate came over after dinner and comandeered SAR's computer.

He discovered the joys of hotornot and infatuasian. We all discovered how harsh Nasty Nate is when rating other girls.

While I would give an "average" score of 5 or 6, Nasty Nate insisted on 1 or 2. He is incredibly harsh with rating.

For example:

::Scene: Nasty Nate starts clicking through the website::
NN: "Umm.. okay...."
NN: "...get out of here!"
:clicks 1:

NN: "She seems like she'd be nice."
:clicks 3:

NN: "Whoa, she looks like she'd be a skank."
:clicks 5:

So what is the lesson learned here?

Nasty Nate enjoys rating skanks higher than girls with nice personalities.
Posted by roy on October 27, 2003 at 06:58 PM in Ramblings | Add a comment

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