CALL was nice. I didn't really get to know the new members much, but that's all good.

I wish I had internet access on Saturday night - I had so much to write and so much to say. I don't have much to say, except that I think I'll start going to church with more regularity now ... I'm still torn spiritually on where I stand, but at least I'm taking baby steps.

I'm incredibly tired right now, but I'm working out some bugs on Tokki. I'm going to start some chemistry reading in a bit and go to bed early - CALL has worn me out for the weekend.

Joke of the day: "How do you get a UNC graduate off your front porch?"

Answer: "Pay him for your pizza."

Har har. So true. Except I will work for my roommate Yush's chinese restaurant. SO PAY UP FOR YOUR CHINESE.
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Posted by roy on September 21, 2003 at 08:00 PM in Personal | 1 Comments

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Comment posted on September 23rd, 2003 at 07:05 AM
He leads step by step. :alice: