Skipped class today. Oops. Was pretty tired.

Spent most of today fixing up the public page for AudioMatch. The damn thing is XHTML 1.0 compliant if PHP would stop trying to append &PHPSESSIONID to the friggin URL links. I'm not sure why it's doing this, as I've set session.use_only_cookies = 1 in php.ini.

I'm going to now tackle the private pages ... and once that's done, I will continue working on Tokki.

I've read a few posts regarding some sort of conversion tool for Tabulas. I've always had in the back of my mind a quick tool to convert RSS-based feeds into Tabulas posts. I'll probably do this for LJ by tomorrow (hopefully).

Back to work.

this is for myself, so you can ignore this:

- gotta learn the PHP XML classes
- tokkiLITE and tabulasLITE
- get that tokki template out and get some CSS files out there
- restrict the albumlist for tokki
Posted by roy on September 15, 2003 at 01:40 PM | 1 Comments

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Comment posted on September 15th, 2003 at 04:11 PM

i love audiomatch! there isn't a server like it online :) and tabulas is awsome by far! (all you need is somehow a lj to tabulas entry converter ;))

just one thing with the new design, it sorta looks funkay in Mozilla Firebird ^__^;;