two "placeholder" thoughts before i go through the task of going through 10 days of unchecked emails ...

firstly, the concept of putting something "unique" on your luggage so that you can differentiate yourself from 5,000 other black suitcases ... does not work when the other people do the exact same thing.

secondly, it's kind of depressing to turn on your cell phone after returning from a long trip to have no voicemails. you'd think that i would have enough friends that maybe ONE would of not discovered i had gone to europe and would of left a voicemail saying, "hey roy, let's hang out. call me back," but this is not the case ... maybe i just have no friends.

ok, onto emails.
::takes in deep breath::

i'm ready.
Posted by roy on July 9, 2003 at 05:09 PM | 4 Comments

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Comment posted on July 9th, 2003 at 08:36 PM
Well Tabulas or chat or whatnot then. Come now, you're a high tech feller.
Comment posted on July 9th, 2003 at 06:08 PM
Or maybe all your friends know you well enough and keep tabs with you so that they don't make stupid mistakes like that. Either that, or all your friends are all hi-tech email types and whatnot.
Comment posted on July 9th, 2003 at 06:18 PM
haha the oly problem with that is i don't use email at all :D
Comment posted on July 10th, 2003 at 05:15 AM
well in that case, they knew if they had a made a mistake they knew you wouldnt use the email much and so they sent it to you there instead of the voicemails...

k im talking crap. anyways welcome back man! ok go pop by npforums! everyone's asking for you and kyle made a special thread too! so go when you have enuff rest though!!! :approve:

ps: looking forward to the pics!