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Opposition to United States policy. Often expressed in simplistic terms.

The complete lack of action from the United States no matter how many must suffer or die.

Hans Blix on TV for six more weeks

Crushing of Dissent/McCarthyism:
Publicly disagreeing with someone more noble. Publicly pointing out flaws in the arguments of those more noble.

Things that get in the way of Truth.

Something that must be believed regardless of facts. Example: 5,000 civilians were killed in Afghanistan. Did not actually happen, but the US wanted to kill that many and more so that means it is truth.

Thinking non-whites shouldn't have to live under oppressive, murderous tyrants.

Public nudity to tell those who would be stoned for public nudity that, hey, we care because we're naked.

Doing what the French want.

Going forward without the support of the New York Times.

When it ain't the Jews, it's this.

imposing 17 UN Security Council resolutions over 12 years, then deciding that military action may be the only way to achieve disarmament.

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That's awesome. It's my official new glossary :)

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