i got tired of writing insignificant things like, "i went to blockbuster today and rented britney spears live" or "i went and watched crossroads and thought it was an awesome movie." i'm sure most of you don't care anyway. haha. no, i'm just kidding.

ever since i've gotten home i've gotten into the boring habit of eating, sleeping, and working. so my life has been boring. but to make up to all you guys, i'm going to post a 100 meg file ... muhahaa.

it's a triumph the insult comic dog skit ... he goes to a bon jovi concert. (right click/save target as) it's seriously hilarious. on the level of the star wars skit.

ok, that's all. i'm going to go work some more. on an upnote, i met some smart computer-type dudes who are intersted in working with me on working on a joint "project" (more like company or something). i'm kinda excited. business excites me. unlike that video link aaron gave me yesterday. (oigh, still having nightmares)
Posted by roy on July 19, 2002 at 04:58 AM | Add a comment

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