ok so i managed to use the scanners here at $1 a scan to scan in some pictures. note:
1.) i had to scan from the prints...
2.) the scanner sucked
3.) i have no photographic skills (haha)

therefore these pictures don't look as great as they do on slide. these are just a temporary stopgap anyway; the real high quality ones'll come out once i get back to chapel hill.

the rest are at www.roykim.net/viet_pics

comment which ones you like the best (filename). uh yeah. cool.

(fyi: each print cost me $0.90. scanning/editing/uploading these pictures cost me $4.00. so these pictures cost me $20 to get up here. that's how much i love you guys (collectively). hahahaa.)

vincentcarquest: i don't like condensed pictures
vincentcarquest: in general
thug4life royboy: ah
thug4life royboy: you like them ... big
thug4life royboy: and fat
thug4life royboy: like butts
vincentcarquest: er
vincentcarquest: and long
vincentcarquest: oops
thug4life royboy: uh
vincentcarquest: i didn't mean that
thug4life royboy: gross dude
Posted by roy on June 23, 2002 at 07:11 PM | Add a comment

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